Pulled Beef Panini 

As our signature, our Pulled Beef Panini is cooked using premium Australian Beef Brisket with a combination of exotic herbs and spices.  Cooked long enough, it falls apart at every bite.

Our specially crafted Paninis are grilled to perfection. Being crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Rendang Beef Panini

Absolutely flavorful to the tastebuds and aromatic to the nose. 

Our Rendang Beef is cooked using premium minced beef soaked in delicious gravy.

Curry Chicken Panini

When people think curry, they think spicy. Thankfully, our Curry Chicken Panini isn't spicy! 

What makes it special is that our curry is cooked to blast our palates with wonderful flavor, absolutely tantalizing!

Nutella Panini

As a fellow sweet tooth, we recommend this Panini for those of you who seek high tea or dessert options.

In our Nutella Panini, we spice things up by including salted butter.

Classic Kaya & Butter

If you've been to Borneo or Malaysia, Kaya & Butter toast would be a familiar taste.

Instead of using white bread, we are doing the Malaysian Classic with a twist by using our signature Paninis. Introducing, our Classic Kaya & Butter Panini.