About Us


Here's a brief look at the founders of Borneo Panini. You got that right, the two "goofs" posing in the picture are the ones that started the whole thing. We can't even imagine how they did it... But they did...

So, how did it all start? Let the story begin!


It all kicked off during the Rainforest World Music Festival 2022 (25th Anniversary) on the 17th of June 2022. The founders, secured a spot at the RWMF22 and were in a dilemma of what to bring to the tables of an international platform/event. 

No one would believe they did it in an apartment with an inspiration that struck out of boredom.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2022

What started off as swampy (due to the heavy rainfall), turned out to be a delightful surprise as they were overwhelmed by the amount of orders that came pouring in. 

Heaps of customers were asking if they had a permanent place of which, they initially had no plans for as events were of their interests.

Kuching Jazz Festival 2022

With their presence also being acknowledged at the KJF22, it inspired them to make a permanent mark on the map.

A mark of brotherhood, friendship and tummies filled with amazing Paninis. The physical entity, made permanent not for themselves but for their endeared customers and staff.

Original Unit

Tear Down


Near Completion

34, China Street

The unit came at impeccable timing as the founders were looking for a permanent location to pin their headquarters, it was the perfect spot. Much time and effort were put into the unit in hopes to cater to beloved customers who longed their presence.

Further thought came as to make this unit a mark of brotherhood not only for the founders but also in hopes that customers would form unbreakable bonds. Borneo Panini has since then, been fully delivered during December 2022 and is fully operational since January 2023. 

As a place filled with hope that is fully redeemed, Borneo Panini represents what Sarawakians can do and that hope would always realize and materialize.